Afrika ervaring deel1

Ek haal die volgende kostelike brief aan van iemand wat ons ken:

I arrived in Sierra Leone from Uganda, whilst still suffering from mild depression and low self esteem.As you know two large red necked vultures camped on my balcony in Kampala as soon as I checked in and observed every move I made,firstly with keen interest and later with visible disappointment.Upon leaving the hotel I commited to a future date to decide when to stop smoking and I have also decided to stick a quote from Virgin Active on my notice board.

I was met at the airport by an excited crowd consisting of boys in uniform with large guns and agents all trying to explain to me in Swahili( I think) the various options to get to Freetown.I decided to make use of Bennet which proved to be an unpopular choice with the crowd,but as you know,I am used to be physically abused.

Bennet owns a car (used in the widest possible sense) but it is really nothing more than an appliance with wheels.Looked very similar to a rag raft,after the beer’s finished,but before you put the flowers in the mesh.We followed a series of potholes, which they collectively call a road,for about an hour.The road then ended abruptly unlike Bennet’s car which required advanced driving skills to stop.

I was then confronted with more decisions.What I did not know,was that one can only reach Freetown by boat or ferry,which takes about an hour over a vast expanse of water.You have a choice of economy class or business class.Economy class consists of fairly large wooden boats manned by a group of about ten people.The captain operates the 4 horse power Briggs and Stratton engine,with nine assistants continuously bailing water with yellow containers.It cost R2 to board since strong young boys have got to physically carry you through about 30 metres of mud until you are dumped on the boat.The boat gets loaded until the freeboard is smaller than the margin on a credit insurance business. I hear some of these boats actually make it to Freetown.I decided not to take this option motivated by a simple calculation of dividing my weight by the square area of the carrier’s feet.I could see us slowly sinking in the mud,whilst I am hanging over the carrier’s shoulder like a boneless chicken and hanging on to my laptop,desperately trying to prevent the latest version of Marshall from being submersed!

Word vervolg…

17 Replies to “Afrika ervaring deel1”

  1. Vir my is die twee aasvoels wat hom dopgehou het en hom laat besluit het om op te hou rook en te begin oefen,nogal snaaks.


  2. Klink erg, maar ons het ook al so iets beleef in Kenia…en aangesien ek nog hierso skryf het ons heelhuids anderkant uitgekom.


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