Afrika Ervaring deel 2

I wisely elected to make use of the 9h00 car ferry which arrived at 14h00.The car ferry has a carrying capacity of about 40 cars and about 100 passengers,but the captain uses a more practical and commercial approach by loading the ferry until just before it sinks.Our trip had about 30 ten cubic trucks loaded with sand and a crowd of people that made Woodstock look like a gathering of risk division supporters.The cargo also included an interesting sample of animals which would have put Noah to shame.The loading took about an hour.

The departure was rather uneventful except for the fact that after about 50 metres the ferry got stuck in evil looking mud.The twenty captains (one holding the wheel and 19 others frantically shouting advice) tried unsuccessfully to get us going again for about thirty minutes and then gave up.Eventually an elderly gentleman who fortunately was squashed against me and facing me,explained to me that I should not panic and that the ferry will get going again as soon as the tide comes in.He did not know when this will happen,but I seemed to remember from school that this happens twice a day.

It was about this time that I really got depressed because it was my own idea to visit the country and had nobody to blame.I decided that it was a good idea to use the bit of spare time to catch up with my e-mails and managed to wrestle my arms free.There was no reception.

The ferry floated after six hours and we arrived in Freetown in complete darkness some nine hours after airport arrival.I wish I can conclude by saying that this was the end of this interesting journey,but unfortunately it got worse as the night progressed.Suffice to say the time allowed for this country visit was insufficient and I commenced my journey back to the airport early the next morning,just in time to catch the flight to Lagos.At least Bennet was reasonable when we negotiated the final agent’s fee by using the customary formula of ALL THE MONEY YOU HAVE,less airport departure tax.

Nodeloos om te sê,die ou het nie eers Freetown gesien nie!

14 Replies to “Afrika Ervaring deel 2”

  1. Ai man, but why did not bribe the tide to come in earlier – that seems to be the only understandable language in Africa . . oh, the tide does not have a hand to hold out . . .


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