Heerlike wintersdae by die see..

Ons is nou al tien dae in Swakopmund en ons beleef die wonderlikste weer. Terwyl die binneland bibber van die koue, het die kusgebied oosweer beleef en temperature van in die dertig grade aangeteken. Van gister af is dit koeler, maar die son skyn, die voëltjies in my tuin sing uit volle bors en die lewe is lekker. Geniet julle naweek.


68 Replies to “Heerlike wintersdae by die see..”

  1. Is jy sowaar as wraggies alweer met vakansie!!! Iets sê vir my die lewe is nie regverdig nie. Geniet dit perdebytjie!!! Het jy jou kamera saam of gaan jy weer op die stoep sit en dink wat jy die lug in kan blaas 😀😀😀😀

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    1. Yes, I think I have told you that we have a house here. We travel here about three times a year. Such a lovely place to be. The way things are going in SA lately, we might end up living here permanently.Very disturbing what is going on there..😳😳

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      1. Three times a year sounds nice. Yes you had told me about the house. Look at it this way: keep your eyes open, and you if you feel you can spend more time there, do. Six months back and forth? Or more? Life is too short to take more aggravation. If things get worse here in July we might decide to spend more time in Paris than my usual 6 weeks a year. Think about it. 🙂

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        1. Unfortunately we are only allowed to stay 90 days per annum in this country.We have applied for staying rights, about ten years ago and they still haven’t worked through our papers…dead end there, every time we try to communicate about it!If you don’t bribe, you don’t get anywhere and that is not how we do things.😬

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        2. Ten years? Sounds like Mexico. I am so tired of corruption everywhere… 😦
          I support you about no bribes. But then, if it comes to a matter of survival?
          Or maybe change your immigration lawyer? Do it personally?

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        3. It is. And it is one of the main reasons I am tired of the “Third world” though I was born there and lived most of my life. 😦 Getting to an age where I need more… peace. (So I’m going to Paris on the 30th for 6 weeks!) (Yeah!!!)
          Tot ziens Dina

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        4. But then of course Europe is supposed to welcome thousands, millions of migrants with open arms… This is becoming ridiculous. I know of an Australian blogger who loves Italy, lives there and is trying to get a permanent residency. No way! Tsss.

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  2. 🙂 I cheated and read the one comment in English…that was what i thought, that you were vacationing at that house by the sea. I have read only a little about the political/social climate in SA today, and it was really disturbing, so it’s lucky you have other possibilities. Meanwhile, I’m sure you are enjoying being by the water!

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      1. I think I actually read about it in a fictionalized account – i can’t remember the book – but it derived from real events. People have blinders on, and on top of that, we’re bombarded by so much information that we tire of it. I hope you stay safe, one way or another, one place or another.

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