Witrugnagreier…kuiken. (White-backed Night-Heron…juvenile)IMG_8334a

Ralreier. (Squacco Heron).IMG_7754

Jong visarend. (Juvenile Fish Eagle).IMG_7741a

Volwasse visarend. (Adult Fish Eagle)IMG_6863

Rooikeelbyvreter. (White-fronted Bee-eater).IMG_8044a




Draadstertswael. (Wire-tailed Swallow).IMG_7353

Geelbekwitreier. (Yellow-billed Egret).IMG_7953

Kuifkopvisvanger. (Malachite Kingfisher).IMG_7038


59 Replies to “Okavangovlerke”

  1. A wonderfully diverse gallery, Dina….it’s fun to see so many familiar types of birds, though the details are different. The only one we don’t have is a bee-eater. He’s really pretty! And our kingfishers’a ren’t as colorful, but they do make a racket (which I always like hearing) Do yours?

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