Wie gaan na…

die blommetuin?

Wat kom daar aan?

Wag geduldig en fokus…IMG_1863

Dis ‘n kleine by…IMG_1874

Nou weer anderkant toe…IMG_1882

Tongetjie lank uitgestrek…IMG_1878

Versigtig nou, mooi mik…IMG_1879

Netjiese landing…IMG_1883

Weg is sy, besig om heerlike nektar op te slurp…IMG_1880

Foto’s in die veld geneem by Walkersons naby Dullstroom.Ek was besig om blomme af te neem, toe hierdie gelukkie my tref. Mevrou By het van nêrens af gekom en in my foto ingevlieg. Wat ‘n bonus!


53 Replies to “Wie gaan na…”

    1. All is well, thanks Brian.Just returned from a 2000kilometer trip from Namibia through Botswana. I drove all the way, because the vehicle that we used in Namibia, had to come back to SA.My husband drove our other vehicle with a trailer full of stuff from our Namibia home. Sadly sold the place, but it is a relief… too much admin and maintainence.

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      1. 2000 kms is quite a distance, but then I hope you could stop in Botswana… 🙂
        Glad you finally could sell the house there (not in SA…) I think it was too little time allowed for a lot of hassle… (Any light shining on your residency permit there?)

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        1. I am really sorry about that. TBH, I was born in the third world and lived in it most of my life, and I am getting de up with it. Too much corruption, greed, aggressivity, violence… I am fed up of that too. 🙂

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