53 Replies to “Pret met springbokdrolletjies”

  1. Wow Perdebytjie, daardie eerste foto is ongelooflik.
    Dis nou lente in Grabouw. Ek wens jy is hier om die kleure in die sinlig vas te vang. 5 of 6 verskillende skakerings van groen en dan die bloeisels! Ek het misluk in my pogings om dit vas te vang.

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    1. Baie dankie, Appeltjie.Hierdie foto’s is op ‘n baie bewolkte mistige dag geneem. Ek het die lig bietjie beter probeer maak. Mens kry nie altyd die foto wat jou oog sien nie.


      1. Jong dit kom met sulke vlae by my op, dan moet ek skep as dit verby kom anders vergeet ek weer. Moet nou nog eers NaNoWriMo in November ook agter die rug kry dan kan ek weer ernstig met die storietjies werk. Gaan naweek weer vir drie dae plaastoe. Lekker sonder enige iets om my te pla. Net al die dierasies, natuur en elemente buite.

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    1. Things are quite normal again and we visit my family. These photo’s were taken last week in an estate where we have a house.It is about three hours drive from Johannesburg. Part of the estate includes a mountain where several animals roam freely. These springbuck droppings were in that area. You have to drive up there with a 4×4.Once up there it is hilly and easy to negotiate. There are 14 dams on the estate where trout fishing is a huge attraction.

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      1. Springbok droppings!! You have me laughing!! So funny! Oh, I bet you had a great time with them.
        We’re doing OK – everyone is tired of the pandemic, the restrictions, and the endless political news. Soon we will see what next year might look like for the US.

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      1. HI Dina. Lovely to hear from you. And see that all is right. These days one worries. And it’s fine to take breaks from the blogosphere.
        We’re good. So far. The pandemic is raging. So we’re basically locked up, until vaccines are available for the general population… Tot ziens. 🙏🏻

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        1. We are heading for another wave here.. a new strain of the virus that is spreading much faster than the first one. We lost a friend already and I know a lot of people who are sick. We are staying at home and try not to go out if not really needed.
          Luckily we have sunshine and a garden where we can hang out. Other people here are not so lucky. They stay in squatter camps close together, where the disease can spread much faster.
          Our borders have been closed again since last night and strict ban on alchohol sales implemented.Interesting that on new years weekend the trauma division of Johannesburg’s biggest hospital was empty. Other times it would be full of people who were in accidents and fights related to alchohol use.
          Stay safe dear Brian. I shall pop in sometime with a blog or two.

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        2. I am very sorry for your friend. Shattering isn’t it? I hope the other people you know recover soon. It is a ghastly virus. (Even if it puts Jo’burg to peace)
          Do stay safe too. Our eldest daughter, the MD is first line. She just got her first shot yesterday. We’ll see when we can stand in line.
          Enjoy your garden. We’ve been sort of house.-hunting south of Mexico city. Warmer and bigger gardens. So we can alternate.
          Look forward to your posts. Tot ziens Sis.

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